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The valve bag packaging machine is used to pack powder, granules and other products, and it is characterized by using valve bags to package powder products. Valve bag, also called self-sealing bag, is a special packaging bag. After the material is filled to the specified capacity through the packaging machine, the valve bag can control the outflow of material and maintain the pressure balance in the bag through the valve port, so as to realize self-sealing.

Valve bags packing machine are usually divided into the following types,

• Impeller type packing machine
• Pneumatic type packing machine 


Impeller type packing machine

Working principle
When there is mateiral in the packing machine above hopper, and when the packing machine is started, the impeller starts to rotate to transport the material from the packing machine hopper into the packaging bag. When the packaging bag weight reaches the set weight value, the impeller automatically stops rotating and the valve closes, thus completing the automatic packaging of materials. 

The impeller valve bag packaging machine has the advantages of high automation, high speed, high precision and good packaging effect, and can be widely used in material packaging in building materials, chemical, agriculture, food and other fields.

Фасовочное оборудование для сухих смесей

Фасовочное оборудование для сухих смесей

Pneumatic type packing machine

Pneumatic type packing machine is a packaging equipment that is driven by a pneumatic control system to complete operations such as automatic discharging, weighing, and bag pushing. It is mainly suitable for valve bag packaging of various materials such as powder and granular, it can be widely used in material packaging in building materials, chemical, agriculture, food and other fields.

The pneumatic packing machine is composed of a pneumatic system, a control system, a weighing system, and a conveying system. Its working principle is to unload the material through the power of compressed air, accurately load the material into the packaging bag according to the preset weight through the load cell, and then push the packaged product away from the packaging machine through the automatic bag pushing device. Finally, the packaging bag is transported to the designated position by the finished product conveyor.

The pneumatic packing machine has the advantages of fast packaging speed, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc., and can meet the needs of high-speed packaging.

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