Different raw materials and additives need to be weighed and batched according to a specific formula, which requires the Main material weighing hopper and Additives weighing system. 

The weighing hopper consists of hopper, steel frame, and load cell (the lower part of the weighing hopper is equipped with a discharge screw conveyor). The weighing hopper is widely used in various dry mortar production lines to weigh ingredients such as cement, sand, fly ash, light calcium, and heavy calcium. It has the advantages of fast batching speed, high measurement accuracy, strong versatility, and could handle various bulk materials.

In the composition of dry mortar, the weight of additives often only accounts for about one thousandth of the total weight of the mortar, but it is related to the performance of the mortar. The weighing system can be installed above the mixer. Or be installed on the ground, and connects to the mixer through a pneumatic conveying pipeline to independently complete feeding, metering and conveying, thereby ensuring the accuracy of the additive amount.

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