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The open top bag filling machine is specially designed for packing powdery and granular materials from 10 to 50 kg into open top bags. It uses the method of quantitative gravimeter and controls the feed rate with the output of the load cell to achieve the purpose of automatic packing. There are various feeding methods for open top bag packing machines, including screw feeding, belt feeding, large and small valve feeding, vibrating feeding, etc. The equipment has a wide range of applications and can pack various powders, ultra-fine powders or fine powders, granular materials, and is widely used in all walks of life. In the actual packing process, the packing machine is usually used in combination with a sealing machine (seam sealing machine or heat sealing machine) and belt conveyor.


Principle of operation

The open top bag filling machine consists of a control system, a feeder, a weighing sensor, a clamping device for bags, a selaing mechanism, a belt conveyor, a frame, and a pneumatic control system. The feeding system uses two-speed feeding, fast feeding ensures output, and slow feeding frequency conversion control ensures accuracy; bag clamp weighing system consists of weighing brackets, sensors and bag clamp arms; the frame supports the entire system, providing stability; The control system controls the feed valve and the bag clamp. The packing shape of the product adopts the clamping of the bag in place, and at the same time, there is enough material in the storage bin, the valve automatically opens, the material is discharged into the bag, and weighing is carried out at the same time. When the first target weight is reached, slow feed continues until the second target weight is reached, stop filling, display the final weighing and automatically lose the bag.

Clamping device for bags


Feeding by screw conveyor


Feed vibrator, accuracy up to 2‰


Belt conveyor feed



Company's production capabilities


  • 1. We have never dealt with the production of mortar, we have no experience in the production, and we do not understand dry mortar production lines. Can you provide technology and technical advice?

    Yes, we have rich experience in dry mortar technology and production lines, and we can customize and provide comprehensive project management according to customer's needs. We can develop detailed line layout and site planning according to customer's plant drawings and provide technical support for dry mix formulation.

  • 2.Are you a factory, design company or trading company?

    We are a factory with our own design engineers and design engineers, and have a 10,000 square meter production workshop. According to customer's needs, we can provide customized circuit design. From preliminary project discussion, planning, equipment selection to equipment production, equipment site planning. Delivery and transportation, installation and commissioning, and other services during the whole process.

  • 3.Can I visit your factory?

    Welcome to our factory. We can provide clients with the invitation required to apply for a visa. We will meet clients at the airport or railway station, provide professional services for the reception of business guests.

  • 4.What is the positioning and profitability of your products?

    We have professional engineers, skilled production workers, high-quality quality control process, and a barrier-free sales and after-sales service team. We can assemble and test machines, package accurately before large-scale shipments. Maybe our price is not the lowest, but we are definitely your most suitable and reliable partner.

  • 5.What certificates do you have?

    We have ISO9001 environmental protection system and quality system certification. Relevant certificates can also be provided according to the requirements of the customer's country, such as: SGS, EAC certification, etc.

  • 6. Can you produce customized equipment according to our requirements?

    We can produce customized products according to customer needs. The people who use the equipment are more aware of the problems that occur during its use, so we will accept customer suggestions and improve the equipment.

  • 7. Production and delivery time?

    According to the production task, the general production cycle of equipment is about 20-30 working days. After the production of the equipment, you can send people to our factory to inspect, and we can also provide photos and videos to inspect the finished products.
    Transportation methods include rail, sea, combined (sea and rail transport), etc. The delivery time to each region is different: Southeast Asia: 7-15 days, Central Asia: 20-30 days; Middle East: 20-40 days; Africa, America: 30-50 days; Russia and European countries: 25-40 days. We provide photos and videos of the entire process of loading equipment upon shipment, as well as full information about the declaration of equipment and customs clearance.

  • 8.What is the warranty period of the equipment, how to guarantee the after-sales service, and how to solve the quality problems of the equipment?

    The warranty period of our equipment is 12 months, usually it takes about 30 days (1 month) from China to the customer's place, and the installation and commissioning time also takes about 30 days (1 month), so the warranty period is extended to 18 months from the date delivery (excluding wearing parts). We will provide customers with the necessary wear parts upon delivery of the goods. If there are any quality problems during the warranty period, we will fix the problem as soon as possible. If the parts need to be replaced, we will deliver them to the customer by air, and we will take care of all costs.

  • 9. Is it possible to send engineers to the site to install and debug equipment?

    We will send experienced engineers to the customer's site to guide the installation of the equipment, debug the production line until it is put into production;
    We will also provide installation instructions for the production line, layout drawings, assembly drawings, etc. If the customer has his own engineer, he can install the equipment according to the installation drawings, and we can also guide the installation.

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