The dry mortar raw materials need to be stored, Silos or Jumbo bag un-loader are required.

Sheet cement silo is a new type of silo body, also called split cement silo (split cement tank). All parts of this type of silo are completed by machining, which gets rid of the defects of roughness and limited conditions caused by manual welding and gas cutting caused by traditional on-site production. It has beautiful appearance, short production period, convenient installation, and centralized transportation. After use, it can be transferred and reused, and it is not affected by the site conditions of the construction site.

The jumbo bag un-loading machine (ton bag un-loader) is an automatic bag breaking equipment designed for dust-free bag breaking of ton bag materials containing ultra-fine powder and high-purity powder that are easy to generate dust. It will not leak dust during the entire operation process or cross contamination and other undesirable phenomena, the overall operation is relatively simple, and it is more convenient to control. Because of the modular design, there is no dead angle in installation, and cleaning is very convenient and fast.

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