In order for the operators to work in a clean environment, we need the Cyclone dust collector, Impulse bags dust collector to collector dust in the environment to meet the environmental protection requirements.

Impulse dust collector adopts a cleaning method using pulse spraying. The interior contains multiple cylindrical high-temperature resistance filter bags, and the box is made by strict welding process. The inspection doors are sealed with plastic rubber, so it can ensure that the whole machine is tight and does not leak air. It has advantages of high efficiency, large processing air volume, long filter bag life, small maintenance workload, safe and reliable operation, etc. It is widely used in dust removal and purification of non-fibrous dust in various industrial and mining enterprises like metallurgical, construction, machinery, chemical, and mining etc. This product is mainly composed of a box body, air filter bags, ash hopper, gas pipe, pulse valves, a fan and a controller.

The cyclone dust collector is designed for cleaning gases or liquids from suspended particles. The cleaning principle is inertial (using centrifugal force) and gravitational. Cyclone dust collectors constitute the most massive group among all types of dust collection equipment and are used in all industries.

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