Supporting Equipment


Supporting equipment is also an important part of the dry mortar production line. Like the dry mortar raw materials need to be stored, Silos or Jumbo bag un-loader are required. The material and products moving and conveying requires Belt feeder, Screw conveyor, and Bucket elevator. Different raw materials and additives need to be weighed and batched according to a specific formula, which requires the Main material weighing hopper and Additives weighing system. If the raw material such as sand requires a specific particle size, a Vibrating screen is needed to screen the raw sand and control its size. In the process of sand drying and mortar production, such as when the dryer is rotating or the packaging machine is filling bags, some dust will be generated. In order for the operators to work in a clean environment, we need the Cyclone dust collector, Impulse bags dust collector to collector dust in the environment to meet the environmental protection requirements of the entire production line.

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