If the raw material such as sand requires a specific particle size, a Vibrating screen is needed to screen the raw sand and control its size.

The dry sand screening machine can be divided into three types: linear vibration type, cylindrical type and swing type. Without special requirements, we are equipped with a linear vibration type screening machine in this production line. The screen box of the screening machine has a fully sealed structure, which effectively reduces the dust generated during the working process. Sieve box side plates, power transmission plates and other components are high-quality alloy steel plates, with high yield strength and long service life. The exciting force of this machine is provided by a new type of special vibration motor. The exciting force can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric block. The number of layers of the screen can be set to 1-3, and a stretch ball is installed between the screens of each layer to prevent the screen from clogging and improve the screening efficiency. The linear vibratory screening machine has the advantages of simple structure, energy saving and high efficiency, small area cover and low maintenance cost. It is an ideal equipment for dry sand screening.

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