Single shaft plough share mixer


The plough share mixer is a mixer commonly used in large-scale dry powder mortar production lines. The plough share mixer is mainly composed of an outer cylinder, a main shaft, plough shares, and plough share handles. The rotation of the main shaft drives the plowshare-like blades to rotate at a high speed to drive the material to move rapidly in both directions, so as to achieve the purpose of mixing. The stirring speed is fast, and a flying knife is installed on the wall of the cylinder, which can quickly disperse the material, so that the mixing is more uniform and faster, and the mixing quality is high.

The single-shaft mixer (plowshare) is designed for high-quality intensive mixing of dry bulk materials, especially for lumpy materials (such as fibrous or easily tidal agglomeration) in the production of dry mortars, and can also be used in the preparation of compound feed.

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