15TPH sand drying plant be shipped to Novorossiysk of Russia.

June 06, 2021

On day Jun 6, a 15tph sand drying and screening plant start their way to Novorossiysk of Russia.

The three-cylinder rotary dryer is an efficient and energy-saving product improved on the basis of the single-cylinder rotary dryer.
There is a three-layer drum structure in the cylinder, which can make the material reciprocate three times in the cylinder, so that it can obtain sufficient heat exchange, greatly improve the heat utilization rate and reduce power consumption.


1. The three cylinder structure of the drying drum increases the contact area between the wet material and the hot air, which reduces the drying time by 48-80% compared with the traditional solution, and the moisture evaporation rate can reach 120-180 kg/m3, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 48-80%. The consumption is 6-8 kg/ton.

2. The drying of the material is not only carried out by the hot air flow, but also carried out by the infrared radiation of the heated metal inside, which improves the heat utilization rate of the whole dryer.

3. The overall size of the dryer is reduced by more than 30% compared to ordinary single-cylinder dryers, thereby reducing external heat loss.

4. The thermal efficiency of the self-insulating dryer is as high as 80% (compared to only 35% for the ordinary rotary dryer), and the thermal efficiency is 45% higher.

5. Due to the compact installation, the floor space is reduced by 50% and the infrastructure cost is reduced by 60%.

6. The temperature of the finished product after drying is about 60-70 degrees, so that it does not need an additional cooler for cooling.

7. The exhaust temperature is low, and the life of the dust filter bag is extended by 2 times.

8. The desired final humidity can be easily adjusted according to user requirements.

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