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Three cylinder rotary dryer

The three-cylinder rotary dryer is an efficient and energy-saving product improved on the basis of the single-cylinder rotary dryer.
There is a three-layer drum structure in the cylinder, which can make the material reciprocate three times in the cylinder, so that it can obtain sufficient heat exchange, greatly improve the heat utilization rate and reduce power consumption.

Working principle

The material enters the dryer inner drum of the dryer from the feeding device to realize downstream drying. The material is continuously lifted up and scattered by the inner lifting plate and travels in a spiral shape to realize heat exchange, while the material moves to the other end of the inner drum then enters the middle drum, and the material is continuously and repeatedly raised in the middle drum, in the way of two steps forward and one step backward, the material in the middle drum fully absorbs the heat emitted by the inner drum and absorbs the heat of the middle drum at the same time, the drying time is prolonged, and the material reaches the best drying state at this time. The material travels to the other end of the middle drum and then falls into the outer drum. The material travels in a rectangular multi-loop way in the outer drum. The material that achieves the drying effect quickly travels and discharges the drum under the action of hot air, and the wet material that has not reached the drying effect cannot travel quickly due to its own weight, and the material is fully dried in this rectangular lifting plates, thereby completing the drying purpose.


1. The three cylinder structure of the drying drum increases the contact area between the wet material and the hot air, which reduces the drying time by 48-80% compared with the traditional solution, and the moisture evaporation rate can reach 120-180 kg/m3, and the fuel consumption is reduced by 48-80%. The consumption is 6-8 kg/ton.

2. The drying of the material is not only carried out by the hot air flow, but also carried out by the infrared radiation of the heated metal inside, which improves the heat utilization rate of the whole dryer.

3. The overall size of the dryer is reduced by more than 30% compared to ordinary single-cylinder dryers, thereby reducing external heat loss.

4. The thermal efficiency of the self-insulating dryer is as high as 80% (compared to only 35% for the ordinary rotary dryer), and the thermal efficiency is 45% higher.

5. Due to the compact installation, the floor space is reduced by 50% and the infrastructure cost is reduced by 60%.

6. The temperature of the finished product after drying is about 60-70 degrees, so that it does not need an additional cooler for cooling.

7. The exhaust temperature is low, and the life of the dust filter bag is extended by 2 times.

8. The desired final humidity can be easily adjusted according to user requirements.

Product Parameters


Outer cylinder    dia.(м)

Outer cylinder    length (м)

Rotating speed    (r/min)

Volume (m³)

Drying capacity    (t/h)

Power (kw)



















































1. These parameters are calculated based on the initial sand moisture content: 10-15%, and the humidity after drying is less than 1%

2. The temperature at the inlet of the dryer is 650-750 degrees.

3. The length and diameter of the dryer can be changed according to customer requirements.

Case I

50-60TPH rotary dryer to Russia.

Case II

Armenia 10-15TPH sand drying production line

Case III

Russia Stavrapoli - 15TPH sand drying production line

Case IV

Kazakhstan-Shymkent-Quartz sand drying production line 15-20TPH.

User Feedback

Transport Delivery

CORINMAC has professional logistics and transportation partners who have cooperated for more than 10 years, providing door-to-door equipment delivery services.

Transport To Customer Site

Installation And Commissioning

CORINMAC provides on-site installation and commissioning services. We can send professional engineers to your site according to your requirements and train on-site personnel to operate the equipment. We can also provide video installation guidance services.

Installation Steps Guidance Drawing

Company Production Ability


  • We have never been engaged in mortar production, don't have experience, and do not understand mortar production lines. Can you provide technical and process guidance?
    Yes, we have rich experience in mortar production process and production line technology, and we will customize the production plant according to your needs and provide a full range of project guidance. We can design the Production Line Layout and Site Planning according to the size of your work shop, and provide technical support for mortar formulas.
  • Are you a Factory, a Design company, or a Trading company?
    We are a factory with our own mechanical design engineers and project design engineers, and have a production workshop of 10,000 square meters. 
    We can provide customized solution design according to customer needs, and full-process services such as early project communication, scheme design, equipment selection, equipment production, site planning, equipment layout, transportation and delivery, installation and commissioning.
  • Can I visit your factory?
    Welcome to visit our factory, we can provide you the invitation letter required for visa application. We will meet you at the airport or station and provide professional business reception services.
  • What is the positioning and cost performance of your products?
    We have professional engineers, skilled production workers, high-standardd quality inspection process, and sales and after-sales service teams with barrier-free communication. We can assemble and test all the equipment and pack them carefully before delivery. Maybe our prices is not the lowest, but we are definitely your most suitable and trustworthy partner.
  • What certificates and certifications do you have?
    We have ISO9001 quality management system certification. And we can also provide relevant certification according to the requirements of the customer's country, such as: SGS, EAC certification, etc.
  • Can you produce customized equipment according to our requirements?
    We can produce customized products according to customer needs. The users of the equipment are more aware of the problems in the use of the equipment, so we humbly accept the customer's suggestions and improve the equipment.
  • How long is the delivery time and shipping time?
    According to the production task, the general equipment production period is about 20-30 working days. After the equipment production is completed, you can come to our factory in person, send someone to our factory, or ask we to provide photos and videos of the finished product for inspection.
    The transportation methods include railway, sea, sea-rail combined transportation, etc. The transport time of different countries is different: Southeast Asia: 7-15 days, Central Asia: 20-30 days, Middle East: 20-40 days, Africa & America countries: 30-50 days, Russia and European countries: 25-40 days. We will provide photos and videos of equipment loading throughout the delivery process, as well as official customs clearance information.
  • How long is warranty period, how to guarantee after-sales service, and how to solve equipment quality problems?
    The warranty period of our equipment is 12 months, but it usually takes about 30 days (1 month) to transport from China to the customer's site, and installation and commissioning time also takes about 30 days (1 month). Therefore, our warranty period for foreign customers is extended to 18 months from the date of delivery (except for wearing parts). We will provide customers with necessary wearing parts when delivering the goods. If it is necessary to replace the parts, we will send the parts to the customer's site by air, and all cost will be borne by us.
  • Can engineers be sent to our site for installation and training?
    We can send experienced engineers to the customer's site to guide equipment installation, debug the production line until it is put into production, we will also provide installation instructions, layout drawings, assembly drawings, etc. If the customer has his own engineer, he can install the equipment according to the installation steps drawings we provide, and we can also guide the installtion with online videos.
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