CRM Series Ultrafine Grinding Mill


The CRM series mill is used for grinding non-combustible and explosion-proof minerals, the hardness of which on the Mohs scale does not exceed 6, and the moisture content does not exceed 3%. This mill is used to produce ultrafine powdery materials in the medical, chemical industry and can produce a product with a size of 5-47 microns (325-2500 mesh) with a feed size of 15-20 mm.

Ring mills, like pendulum mills, are used as part of plant.

The plant includes: hammer crusher for preliminary crushing, bucket elevator, intermediate hopper, vibrating feeder, HGM mill with built-in classifier, cyclone unit, pulse-type atmospheric filter, exhaust fan, set of gas ducts.

The process is monitored using various sensors that monitor parameters in actual time, which guarantees maximum production efficiency of the equipment. The process is controlled using a control cabinet.

The finished product from the collection of fine powder of the cyclone-precipitator and the impulse filter is sent by a screw conveyor to further technological operations or is packaged in various containers (valve bags, big bags, etc.).

CRM Ring Mill Working Principle

The material of fraction 0-20 mm is fed into the grinding chamber of the mill, which is a roller-ring grinding unit. Direct grinding (grinding) of the material occurs between the rollers in the cage due to squeezing and abrasion of the product.

After grinding, the crushed material enters the upper part of the mill along with the air flow created by a fan or a special aspiration filter. Simultaneously with the movement of the material, it is partially dried. The material is then classified using a separator built into the top of the mill and calibrated according to the required particle size distribution.

The product in the air flow is separated due to the action of oppositely directed forces on the particles - the force of gravity and the lifting force provided by the air flow. The larger particles are more influenced by the force of gravity, under the influence of which the material is returned to the final grinding, the smaller (lighter) fraction is carried away by the air flow into the cyclone-precipitator through the air intake. The fineness of grinding of the finished product is regulated by changing the speed of the classifier impeller by changing the speed of the engine.

Technical Specifications

Model CRM80 CRM100 CRM125
Rotor diameter, mm 800 1000 1250
Rings amount 3 3 4
Number of rollers 21 27 44
Shaft rotation speed, rpm 230-240 180-200 135-155
Feed size, mm ≤10 ≤10 ≤15
Final product size, micron / mesh 5-47/ 325-2500
Productivity, kg / h 4500-400 5500-500 10000-700
power, kw 55 110 160