The ribbon mixing equipment is often used for mixing viscous or cohesive powders and granules. It can also mix low-density powders and fibrous materials, such as putty powder, abrasives, pigments, starch, etc.

Working principle:

The main shaft inside the body of the spiral ribbon mixer is driven by the motor to rotate the ribbon. The thrust face of the spiral belt pushes the material to move in the spiral direction. Due to the mutual friction between the materials, the materials are rolled up and down, and at the same time, a part of the materials is also moved in the spiral direction, and the materials at the center of the spiral belt and the surrounding materials are replaced. Due to the inner and outer reverse spiral belts, the materials form a reciprocating motion in the mixing chamber, the materials are strongly stirred, and the agglomerated materials are broken. Under the action of shear, diffusion and agitation, the materials are evenly mixed.

Structural features:

The ribbon mixer is composed of a ribbon, a mixing chamber, a driving device and a frame. The mixing chamber is a semi-cylinder or cylinder with closed ends. The upper part has an openable cover, a feeding port, and the lower part has a discharge port and a discharge valve. The main shaft of the ribbon mixer is equipped with a spiral double ribbon, and the inner and outer layers of the ribbon are rotated in opposite directions. The cross-sectional area of the spiral ribbon, the clearance between the pitch and the inner wall of the container, and the number of turns of the spiral ribbon can be determined according to the material.
spiral ribbon mortar mixer

dry mortar mixer

dry mortar mixing plant

dry mortar spiral ribbon mixer


Modle Volume (m³) Capacity (kg/time) Speed (r/min) Power (kw) Weight (t) Overall size (mm)
LH-0.5 0.3 300 62 7.5 900 2670x780x1240
LH -1 0.6 600 49 11 1200 3140x980x1400
LH -2 1.2 1200 33 15 2000 3860x1200x1650
LH -3 1.8 1800 33 18.5 2500 4460x1300x1700
LH -4 2.4 2400 27 22 3600 4950x1400x2000
LH -5 3 3000 27 30 4220 5280x1550x2100
LH -6 3.6 3600 27 37 4800 5530x1560x2200
LH -8 4.8 4800 22 45 5300 5100x1720x2500
LH -10 6 6000 22 55 6500 5610x1750x2650