To obtain high quality mixtures, all the initial components of the mixture must be dry. The moisture content of the sand should be no higher than 0.5%. For sand drying, three cylinder drum dryer or conventional dryer are used. After drying, Feeding dry sand to vibrating screens with 1, 2 or 3 layers screen (usually with a mesh size of 0.63, 1.2 and 2.0mm respectively) for classification. After classification, the sand will be conveyed to bunkers for cooling to the required temperature, after which each size sand will be fed to the weighing unit, then mixing and packaging.
The sand drying productin line for drying sand is used for wet sand or other bulk material drying. The dry sand is widly used in the production of dry building mixtures.
sand drying plant

sand dryer, rotary dryer


Equipment list CapacityOriginal moisture 5-8%
3-5tph 8-10 tph 10-15 tph 20-25 tph 25-30 tph 40-50 tph
Wet sand hopper volume 5t 5 t 5 t 10 t 10 t 10 t
Belt feeder PG500 PG500 PG500 PG500 PG500 PG500
Belt conveyor В500х6 В500х8 В500х8 В500х10 В500х10 В500х15
Three-circuit drum dryer CRH6205 CRH6210 CRH6215 CRH6220 CRH6230 CRH6250
Burning chamber Matched(with refractory brick)
Burner (gas/diesel)
Thermal power
RS/RL 130T.C
1000-1500 kw
RS/RL 190T.C
1500-2400 kw
RS/RL 250T.C
2500-2800 kw
RS/RL 310T.C
2800-3500 kw
RS/RL 510T.C
4500-5500 kw
Belt conveyor В500х6 В500х6 В500х6 В500х8 В500х10 В500х10
Vibrating screen(According to sand size) DZS1025 DZS1230 DZS1230 DZS1540 DZS1230(2sets) DZS1530(2sets)
Belt conveyor В500х6 В500х6 В500х6 В500х6 В500х6 В500х6
Cyclone Φ500mm Φ1200 mm Φ1200 mm Φ1200 Φ1400 Φ1400
Draught fan Y5-47-5C
Y5-47-5C (7.5кw) Y5-48-5C
Pulse dust collector MC-80 MC-32-4 MC-32-6 MC-64-4 MC-64-6 MC-96-6
rotary sand dryer, sand dryer