Dust Collector (Pulse / Cyclone Dust Collector)


Product description:

Pulse dust collector adopts a cleaning method using pulse spraying. The interior contains multiple cylindrical high-temperature resistance filter bags, and the box is made by strict welding process. The inspection doors are sealed with plastic rubber, so it can ensure that the whole machine is tight and does not leak air. It has advantages of high efficiency, large processing air volume, long filter bag life, small maintenance workload, safe and reliable operation, etc. It is widely used in dust removal and purification of non-fibrous dust in various industrial and mining enterprises like metallurgical, construction, machinery, chemical, and mining etc. This product is mainly composed of a box body, air filter bags, ash hopper, gas pipe, pulse valves, a fan and a controller.

Working principle:

Dust-containing gas enters the interior of the dust collector from the air inlet. Due to the rapid expansion of the gas volume, some of the coarse dust particles fall into the ash bucket due to inertia or natural settlement, most of the remaining dust particles enter the bag chamber with the airflow. After filtering through the filter bag, the dust particles are retained on the outside of the filter bag. When the dust on the surface of the filter bag continues to increase, causing the equipment resistance to rise to the set value, the time relay (or differential pressure controller) outputs a signal and the program controller starts to work. The pulse valves are opened one by one, so that the compressed air is sprayed through the nozzle, so that the filter bag suddenly expands. Under the action of reverse airflow, the dust attached to the surface of the filter bag quickly leaves the filter bag and falls into the ash hopper (Or ash bin), the dust is discharged by the ash discharge valve, the purified gas enters the upper box from the inside of the filter bag, and then is discharged into the atmosphere through the valve plate hole and the air outlet, so as to achieve the purpose of dust removal.


The cyclone dust collector is designed for cleaning gases or liquids from suspended particles. The cleaning principle is inertial (using centrifugal force) and gravitational. Cyclone dust collectors constitute the most massive group among all types of dust collection equipment and are used in all industries.

Principle of operation

The principle of the counter-flow cyclone is as follows: a stream of dusty gas is introduced into the apparatus through the inlet pipe tangentially in the upper part. A rotating gas flow is formed in the apparatus, directed downward towards the conical part of the apparatus. Due to the inertial force (centrifugal force), dust particles are carried out of the stream and settle on the walls of the apparatus, then are captured by the secondary stream and enter the lower part, through the outlet into the dust collection bin. The dust-free gas stream then moves upwards and out of the cyclone through a coaxial exhaust pipe.

Product parameters:


Pulse dust collector

  Modle      Filtering air volume(m³/h)     Filtering wind speed(m/min)     Filtration area(㎡)       Filter bag qty.(pc)      Pulse valve(pc)      Power(kw)       Weight(kg)  
DMC32 1500-2100 1.0-1.5 24 32 4 1.5 1350
DMC48 2100-3200 1.0-1.5 36 48 6 3 1620
DMC64 2900-4300 1.0-1.5 48 64 8 3 1850
DMC80 4000-6000 1.1-1.7 60 80 10 5.5 2360
DMC96 5200-7000 1.2-1.7 72 96 12 5.5 2800
DMC112 6000-9000 1.2-1.8 84 112 14 7.5 3200

Cyclone dust collector

       Modle           Air volume(m³/h)             Reference resistance(Pa)            Inlet wind speed(m/s)          Overall size (mm)      
XF3 670-1220 843-2850 12-22 Φ300×1740
XF3.5 710-1660 843-2850 12-22 Φ350×2000
XF4 1180-2170 843-2850 12-22 Φ400×2300
XF4.5 1500-2760 843-2850 12-22 Φ450×2565
XF5 1860-3390 843-2850 12-22 Φ500×2830
XF5.5 2240-4110 843-2850 12-22 Φ550×3040
XF6 2670-4890 843-2850 12-22 Φ600×3350
XF6.5 3130-5740 843-2850 12-22 Φ650×3610
XF7 3630-6660 843-2850 12-22 Φ700×3880
XF7.5 4170-7640 843-2850 12-22 Φ750×4140
XF8 4750-8690 843-2850 12-22 Φ800×4400
XF9 6650-11600 843-2850 12-22 Ф900х4750
XF10 9700-17000 843-2850 12-22 Ф1000х5180