The weighing bin consists of hopper, steel frame, and load cell (the lower part of the weighing bin is equipped with a discharge screw). The weighing bin is widely used in various mortar lines to weigh ingredients such as cement, sand, fly ash, light calcium, and heavy calcium. It has the advantages of fast batching speed, high measurement accuracy, strong versatility, and can handle various bulk materials.


Working principle:

The measuring bin is a closed bin, the lower part is equipped with a discharge screw, and the upper part has a feeding port and a breathing system. Under the instruction of the control center, the materials are sequentially added to the weighing bin according to the set formula. After the measurement is completed, wait for the instructions to send the materials to the bucket elevator inlet of the next link. The entire batching process is controlled by PLC in a centralized control cabinet, with high degree of automation, small error and high production efficiency.